Stage Pola de Allande Grandas de Salime


Councils of Pola de Allande and Grandas de Salime


The exit of the Algerian capital is made by the avenue of Galicia and it’s an extension as highway. It continues through Fontelvira, about 800 meters after the gas station. Here begins a path to the left that traces the valley of the Nisón River.
Pass the Jacobean trail below El Texu, Colobréu and Penaseita, where a deviation to the right leads to the hostel of pilgrims from that town. Skidding the Camino crosses La Reigada, and by an open stretch in an argayo reaches the bed of the Nisón River. The ascent continues until the meeting with the AS-14 road and continues straight ahead a few meters later, on the right, along a path with a marked initial zigzag, to the port of Palo.

From the port of El Palo, the road, already unified, is directed by a steep path, marked by electric turrets, towards Montefurado. Passed the village, with course southwest, crosses a pradería and ascends to the sexto of la fuente, falling next to the hill of The Couse.

Parallel to the road and below it advances towards the Lake, meeting previously with the parish cemetery and the church of Santa Maria. In Lake it connects with the AS-14 road, which continues to the left for a short distance until it takes a path that starts on the right. When you get to El Chao, cross the road to Corondeño and continue southwest to a pine forest, which ends at the road Peñas Rubias.
Continue on the AS-14 road, a little less than a kilometer, until you find on the left, near a livestock enclosure, a path that goes into a pine grove. For him, still known as the French Way, one arrives, towards the southwest, at Berducedo.
From Berducedo, a village with a hospitable tradition that preserves vestiges of it, the road leaves at the end of the village to the left, ascending gently to the church of La Mesa, which is immediately visible in the distance. To the right of the La Mesa church there is a paved path that goes up to the town of Buspol, where there is a house, an old pilgrim hospital, in front of a small chapel.

In front of the chapel, the road goes down, meandering along a deep slope, to the waters of the reservoir, under which stands the old bridge and village of Salime. The descent is impressive, having as background the retained waters of the Navia River. Due to the retain of the waters, from the point of arrival of the way to the same one it is necessary to retreat a few meters to take to the right the real road that leads us to the prey of the reservoir, by where it is possible to cross the Navia river. From the wall of the reservoir, the road follows the route of the road, which crosses the old town built for the workers who built the hydraulic work, now totally abandoned.
Three kilometers away, next to a bridge and a small water tank, take a path to the right that avoids the last curves of the road, returning to take it again 500 meters before entering Grandas de Salime. As soon as you enter the village of Grandas you will find the old pilgrims’ hospital-house. From there and ascending you reach the church of San Salvador.


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