This part of the North Way goes by the Lugo region of A Terra Chá, which receives its name due to the wide flatland where it is settled to. The way goes by later through Xoán de Catromaior, Martiñán with the medieval bridge of A Pontevella and the Santiago de Goiriz church and its neogothic cemetery. From this point, we reach the capital of A Terra Chá. The most symbolic building of this area is the Andrade fortified tower, which was an ancient homage tower of a medieval castle. At a very short distance, Santa María church is erected, in a small square.

The capital of A Terra Chá counts on several products that make it famous in the gastronomic sphere, among them its capons, San Simón da Costa cheese, half-mature of cow milk dropshapped, which has a certificate of origin.