From O Cádavo the route goes on rising until arriving to the A Vaqueriza peak, and then it goes down to the municipality of Castroverde. At the entrance, in Vilabade, we can appreciate the architectural ensemble made up of the gothic sanctuary of Santa María de Vilabade and its annexed country house.

From Castroverde, a way passes through places like San Miguel do Camiño, Souto de Torres and Vilardecás.

From here, it is advisable to make a short detour and visit the San Salvador de Soutomerille church that is today totally abandoned.

Later on, we go into the municipality of Lugo, through Gondar, then Bascuas, As Casas da Viña and Castelo, already in the capital of the province, which one can access through the A Chanca neighbourhood. A short rise route leads to the Wall, where one have access to it through San Pedro door or Toledana (kilometer 103.625 to Santiago), one of the ten entries to the symbolic monument.