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Councils of Ribadedeva and Llanes

Walk tour

The coastal route enters Asturias through the interprovincial bridge over the Deva to reach Bustio, and continue in strong slope along the Cuesta del Canto, which overcomes the gap between Bustio and Colombres, then it Cross Colombres and take the road that goes northeast to the source of Las Concharascas and flows into El Bao. It connects with the N-634 road to La Franca, where the descent towards the Puente del Campo begins along the local road of Los Cándanos. After crossing the river Cabra you climb up to the vicinity of Santiuste where you reach the N-634 road, which you have to follow for about 150 meters until you turn off to the left along a small track towards Casa del Pintor. Around 30 meters to the west of it, the old route that goes between walls is taken up again by the foot of the mountain chain of la Plana in range of the Borbolla until connecting again with the national highway that will lead to Buelna. The road separates from the road in Pendueles, near the railway bridge, and crosses the neighborhood of La Venta to the Church of San Acisclo and Las Cocheras where the N-634 road that leads to Vidiago is once again taken up.

The Camino runs between Vidiago and Puertas, parallel and south of the N-634 road, to link, through a wooded landscape, with the La Borbolla road, where it turns to the right, connecting with the national road, which will be followed until La Venta del Pomar. Continue along the road for about 400 meters, returning to the end and to the right, the old layout. Shortly after exceeding a small chapel of souls, a new connection with the N-634 road appears, which will be followed for about 250 meters, taking then a deviation to the right that leads to San Roque del Acebal. Along San Roque del Acebal, follow the N-634 road to El Cornellar, where you turn right and recover the traditional path that, crossing the road of Andrín, ascends until you reach the La Jorcada pass. The route descends towards La Portilla and continues in a straight line to Llanes through the old national road, today AS-263.

Folklore & Traditions

The gastronomic offer of the most oriental council of the Asturian geography Ribadedeva intermingles the stockbreeding with the products of sea and river. In it is possible to taste from an exquisite pot of cabbage or a stew of potatoes to a good assortment of fish, elvers or seafood. For dessert, rice pudding, apple and almond cakes or cheese of: Cabrales, Vidiago, Gamonedo or Los Beyos.

As far as festivities are concerned, the area refers to some interesting events such as the Feast of Our Lady of Carmen, with a marine procession included, or the feasts of the Sacramental and San Roque.

Data of interest

Difficulty: Medium

Walking time: 4 h 30 min

Running time: 3h

Cycling time: 2h 30 min


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