Stage Ribadesella Colunga


Councils of Ribadesella, Caravia and Colunga

Walk- route

The village is crossed, and through the bridge over the Sella, bordering the left bank of the estuary, you reach the Santa Marina sandy area. The route advances from Ricardo Cangas street along a paved stretch, going west, to Llama and Abeo.
When crossing the road that leads to Leces, where there is a hostel for pilgrims, the Camino continues straight ahead, through El Calerón, towards Vega following the base of Monte Redondo, once crossed the Acebo stream on the Vega beach, Start the climb to Berbes. By it one enters the council of Caravia, going up the south slope of La Campona to the hill of the same name, to descend later until the sand of Morís. Continue along the road that joins this beach with Prado, capital of the council of Caravia, a path that it will be left about 400 meters later to continue on a path that starts on the right and runs west, close to the sea until you reach the beach of La Espasa; From there, the N-632 road is reached, the river is crossed and the old sale of La Espasa is surpassed.

A road to the right leads to the residential area of Barrigón, then the national road to the height of the crossing to Gobiendes; here you will walk the old path for a while. After that the old path will encounter the National road again, and for around 300 meters, a road to the left will lead to the stream of Bueño and the ascent to the locality of the same name where the road will turn into highway and will lead to Covián. After that you continue almost in straight line, going west, until arriving in Colunga.

Folklore & Traditions

The seafood stew, hake (casserole or grilled), grilled sardines, seafood (oricios, andaricas, barnacles, nioclas …) and fabes in their different varieties (with fish, seafood or game ) are the best presentation letter for the kitchen of Colunga.

Folklore distributes quotes throughout the calendar. One of the main ones is the party of El Carmen in July, where the decorated boats take part in the sea procession in memoriam of the men of the sea. It also highlights the Asturcón festivity, in the Majada de les Espineres, on the third Saturday of August. Declared of Regional Touristic Interest, the celebrations are shared with the council of Piloña.

Data of interest

Difficulty: EASY

Walking time: 4h

Running time: 3h

Cycling time: 2h 30 min


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